Poll: Have you discovered a "holy grail" system?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tenthousandmen, Feb 6, 2012.

Have you made and used a "holy grail"

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  1. At the expense of getting a one star thread and increasing the comedy material for the 6 year old egos around here, I thought I'd pose this question, especially to see the responses some come up with -

    Have you built and successfully implemented a system that other traders would call a "holy grail"? :)D)
  2. Feeman


    Hard to find a concensus on what qualifies as Holy Grail. OP, what do you think is HG?
  3. Eight


    I've got nothing that comes close to what I can do by watching charts. There are segments of the day when I do badly, I might find an algo that does better than I can during those hours.
  4. Definitely not.

  5. IMO, a system that works with allot of input measures (or, not very curve fitting, for lack of a better word), works several years back, similar forward walk input data, consistent though the good and bad segments, high and consistent win rate, works with slippage and commission, sharpe above 1.4 (although much higher would be better), and something that actually has worked with real money... I suppose the bottom line would be not relying so heavily on the usual risk management principles outside of over leveraging (i.e. carefully calculated stops, etc.).

    Sometimes the HG gets talked about like it's some unreachable thing - IMO a little out of proportion. Maybe it's more difficult for retailers, but not period.

  6. -Putting 10% of your income a month into the s$p starting at age 18 and ending at age 50.

    -Making 5% a year for 10 years on 100 mill

    -Making 50% a year for 5 years on $10,000

    -Which is holy grail?

    -Different strokes for different folks.

    -Some will never find it because they won't ever be satisfied with what they have as far as method/returns

    -When I have made (and kept) 10+ million I will have qualified myself as finding My version of the grail and successfully implementing it. That's a ways away yet lol

    Paul Rotter's grail made 50+ mill a year for 10 years. doing 100,000+ RT's a day.
  7. ride winners, keep losses small. I will let you quantify that.:)
  8. Feeman


    I'm hopeful the system traded in the journal will make that grade.
  9. Buy low/sell high works great too

  10. My definition of a Holy grail is:

    1- A system that never fails.
    2- A system that generate profits consistently.
    3- A system that gives a positive return at least double what you might get with a traditional minimal risk investment bank account.
    4- A system that could be automated and work while you are asleep.
    5-A system that has a DD that never reach MC.

    I have extra one characteristic that i can not share here.

    Plz DO NOT ask if i vote or not, and what was my vote.

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