Poll: Have we seen the bottom?

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Have we seen the bottom?

Poll closed Oct 21, 2008.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Not sure

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  1. Have we seen the bottom?
  2. I respect that you want answers, but repeatedly asking the same or similar questions in a poll each day just clutters the forum.
  3. I definitely don't trust the majority vote here for answers, I'm just curious what people are thinking.

    It's not the same question, now that nasdaq has retested its low and closed up it's very bullish. I'm curious if people think we have seen the bottom, and if so what's their strategy for going long.

    Feel free to delete the old poll if you think it's too similar. If we did see the bottom then the old poll is no longer of interest.

    Sorry if you feel I clutter up the forum, but with so many one line threads I really don't share your point of view.
  4. ...and it is us.
  5. Why don't you just stop annoying everyone by starting NEW polls?

  6. Why don't the moderators remove the poll feature? if it's there I assume it's to be used.

    They are two different questions. Not only that but the first poll had a time limit. It doesn't make sense for people to vote for it after a week.

    The second question is similar but is asked after we retested the lows. That gives us more information. To get an accurate opinion, a new pole HAS to be created.

    Imagine doing 1 single poll on the presidential election. The results would be completely useless.

    Instead they do new polls when there are new developers (after a debate, after economic crisis, etc.).

    Really, if it's that big of a problem then a moderator can delete the polls I do not mind. But to say they're the same is nonsense. Sentiment changes with major events.

    Yesterday's retest of the low was major, and I suspect many of those who had thought we'd break the lows have now changed their minds.

    This is actually what the poll results show. More people becoming bullish. This is what is useful about a poll, not to see how many are on each side, but to see how many are CHANGING sides.

    Sorry if you all don't understand the rationale behind this.
  7. Agree 100%.
  8. People who have said yes are rank amateurs at best. Bottoms typically take a while to form. Usually with very little action and volatility, We may have a bear rally due to election year manipulation and the bottom (at best) will be around DOW 7000
    But it will not turn overnight.

  9. Johno


    If only Nostradamis was here, then and only then all would be revealed.
    Sadly we all just blindly stumble along!
  10. I will have to check my charts.
    Stay tuned. Or not.
    #10     Oct 17, 2008