Poll - have Obama-Geithner caused the next major decline?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Cdntrader, Feb 11, 2009.

Have Obama-Geithner triggered a crisis in confidence downside move?

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  1. Have Obama-Geithner triggered a crisis in confidence downside move?

    Pls vote:cool:
  2. Doubt they have "caused or created" anything.... Lots of folks were "hoping for the magic bullet".

    Seems one was inferred (during the presidential campaign, of course), but has yet to surface...

    Here's a thought... Maybe there ISN'T one! Maybe all the stuff about HOPE AND CHANGE was just more political crapola a bunch of gullible, weak-minded Americans bought into! Whaddaya think?
  3. Oh baloney... he "promised to fix everything wrong with America while fairly redistributing the wealth". He promised EVERY NE'ER DO WELL A ROSE GARDEN A MY EXPENSE...

    SINCE THE ELECTION... he's come with, "hey, no magic bullet... it's gonna be hard"... same old political bait and switch.... NObamabots are sooooo gullible.
  4. Selective perception and revisionist history at its finest. Not very sporting of you, gnome. Again, you don't have to like or approve of him. But fabrication doesn't score any points. C'mon, gnome.
  5. lol give me a break, have some intellectual honesty.

    There is a huge expectation among everybody that he can fix the problem quickly, not just the economy but basically every single problem facing the world. Now maybe he never promised in simple terms that he would do that, but he certainly cultivated the sentiment during his campaign.

    You may believe what you say, but you will see how fast and easy people will turn on Obama if the economy doesn't turn around soon.
  6. He cultivated the sentiment of taking steps in the right direction and the need for hard work and sacrifice to fix the problems created by the outgoing administration. He never said fast and he never said easy. He said better. You don't have to like him and you don't have to agree with him, but that does not give you license to make stuff up as you go along.
  7. jjf


    Oddly enough I think that the economy will land where it lands.

    How long this takes depends on whether the net effect of all the interference is positive or negative, but the interference will not effect the course.

    Consumers are in the middle of a big fright and no amount of additional fear will force them to spend again.

    It is Japan all over again, simply because people are people.

    PS the credit expansion of the last six decades was based on the believe that big business and gov. more or less knew what they were doing.
    Now this confidence has been shattered completely
  8. Just my impression. I don't have to cut him any slack. He never earned anything but my contempt.
  9. dcvtss


    They are the cause of the next major decline in the same way that a person who leans against a dead and rotted tree is the 'cause' of it falling down.
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