POLL: Freedom fighter or Terrorist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, May 10, 2004.

  1. In the eyes of the Civilized World, are the Iraqis who shoot dead the American occupiers freedom fighters or terrorists?

    Vote from the perspective of the Civilized World, not from the perspective of America... i.e. how does the Civilized World perceive our boys 'n gals in uniform?
  2. Terrorists target innocent civilian non-combatants- so clearly the guerillas attacking only armed soldiers are not terrorists.

    Freedom Fighters fight for their people's freedom- not in order to establish their own tyranical dictatorship or brutal theocracy....so they're not freedom fighters either.

    How about option C: Power hungry guerillas who want their turn holding the whip and running the rape rooms?
  3. Thanks for the comments... keep em coming... so far the poll is close... only one vote separates the two options...
  4. BTW Candle, how do you think your heros, the Al-Sadr Guerillas or the Fallujah fighters would treat your skinny Caucasian/ American Jewish ass if you ever had the misfortune to fall into their custody?

    (Google "Daniel Pearl" for the answer)
  5. Cutten


    At this late date, and especially after the abuse photos, a proportion (albeit probably small) may be freedom fighters. Some will also be doing it just for the money.
  6. think about this:

    one country's freedom fighters are another country's terrorists.


  7. History is inscribed by the victor.