Poll: Fox News Viewers Less Informed Than Those Who Read No News

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  1. Get this: Fox News is — gasp! — not all that informative, according to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s latest PublicMind poll.

    The poll — which asked New Jerseyans where they find news and information about current events — found that Sunday morning news shows are the most informative, while Fox News actually leads people to be less informed than those who consume no news at all.

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    Not news to you and me and probably not even news to the typical reichtard that trolls this forum, but it doesn't hurt to rub their noses in it at every opportunity. :D
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    I think you two morons together with Ricter should sit across each other and start doing circle jerks.
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    And here we note that reg has finally mastered that "Monkey See, Monkey Do" skill. :D
  5. Vut?!?! God doesn't control the tides as O'reilly says he does???

    FDR didn't want private social security accounts as Brit Hume said he did years ago??

    I see Frank Luntz is back!!
  6. Speaking of ignorance and being misinformed... a so-called "professor" should know that correlation of answers from a small sample of Fox News viewers from NJ doesn't even prove causation for the sample, let alone the entire population.

    But it doesn't surprise me that you libtards here don't understand it :p

    From the poll:
    "Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News," said Dan Cassino, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson and an analyst for the PublicMindPoll. "Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all."

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    Max E.

    I remember the last time they posted one of these polls during the healthcare debate, and one of the questions was "will Obamacare add to the deficit" and if you answered yes, it was considered wrong, and if you answered no it was considered right, and low and behold 2 years later it is coming out that the whole thing is going to cost more then they expected (real shocker) and it is going to add to the deficit.

    Quite frankly if you answered "no" to that question and actually believed that Obamacare would end up deficit neutral when you look at how well all the other government programs are working out, i would question your sanity, not just whether or not you are misinformed.

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  10. Being a Republican is like being a Muslim. Someone else tells you what to believe and even if you don't agree...you had better keep your mouth shut or they will run over you.
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