POLL for traders who trade the Jack Hershey method(s) in real time with real money

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If you actually trade with real money using Jack's method in real time, please vote:

  1. I have traded Jack's method(s) for over 6 months with real money in real time, and I [b]made[/b] mon

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  2. I have traded Jack's method(s) for over 6 months with real money in real time, and I [b]lost[/b] mon

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  1. Read the journals from page 1 of the PVT. When you get that done trade equties for a year or so like everyone else did.

    When you get to intermediate on PVT. let is go at that.

    You cannot do SCT, you are way past the point of fear, anxiety, and anger for doing anything in SCT.

    You crossed the line in the CO and it is now irreversable for you.

    You cannot build, mentally, all the bariers that are required to surround your present belief system.

    You chose to get to where you are.

    Many many people have pointed out your pretzel reasoning processes.

    your reasoning processes cannot be forgotten nor can you build enough barriers to surround them.

    All the extreme efforts you made here are in your mind and it is literally filled with stuff so large no barrier can be built around that stuff to enable you to begin to understand how we work in the journals.

    You took fact after independant fact and tore each peice to shreds by making your mistakes over and over.

    You cannot read, at this point, anything anyone would post constructively to educate you.

    There is no way any life preserver is going to work to fulfill your current extreme broad requests.

    No one here owes you what you are trying to GET.
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  2. $1000 i will fund of his account to trade for charity! Set it up Jack.
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  3. bravo! lets see what happens here. my bet is, nothing.

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  4. Oh, how superior you are, lording your vast riches over us plebes.

    The emperor is always talking about his clothes, but we never get to see them.
    #54     Mar 13, 2007
  5. Set it up and I will will do my part for Jack children. Let me know where to wire goes and he will post his daily resuts.
    #55     Mar 13, 2007
  6. You are beginning to see them.

    They are voting.

    I am old and stepping back a little.

    Don't think of yourself as a plebe. That takes an application and a commitment to join the academy.

    I am not lording my resourses over anyone.

    When you look at the resourses of PVT and SCT what you see is one thing. People who can do it helping others to do it.

    Your post is an example of you chosing to make another mistake.

    spend some money on printer ink, paper and some hiliters.
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  7. How self-important you are to assume that people contentedly trading their own methods are somehow compromising their lives because they are not trading your way. Rather...messianic, wouldn't you say?
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  8. Jack! Jack! Lighten up, man! The likelihood that you can make me feel like shit in a pure print medium is nil. Probably not even in person. You're not that good. If I REALLY wanted to rag on you, I could make you cry. In print. Intimations of mortality. Regrets. Trespasses unforgiven. Opportunities missed. Time wasted. Dreams not now achievable. The feeling of helplessness. But I digress.

    And for your demented information, I spend all 390 minutes of RMH communing with market metrics that would give you a hard-on, if you could still get it up. Metrics that tell you why markets sometimes top without an FTT. That tell you why a succession of reverses that look like FTTs are really bouncing off of a trend line you can't see. That indicate continuation without hurting your head trying to divine what those sluggish volume bars are going to do. Using NQ ITSELF as a leading indicator for itself. All with no fear or anxiety because they are all I quantified, coded, properly thresholded, deconflicted, and tested.
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  9. Where are your P&Ls and execution reports.....

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  10. If this is all true why do you post so much negativity with regards to SCT? It sounds like you do well and found something that works for you. This should make you happy, no?

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