POLL for traders who trade the Jack Hershey method(s) in real time with real money

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If you actually trade with real money using Jack's method in real time, please vote:

  1. I have traded Jack's method(s) for over 6 months with real money in real time, and I [b]made[/b] mon

    64 vote(s)
  2. I have traded Jack's method(s) for over 6 months with real money in real time, and I [b]lost[/b] mon

    136 vote(s)

    There has been a fair amount of animosity here at ET between Jack's followers and his detractors. Perhaps this would be a good time to take a poll among those traders who have used Jack's methods for a period of at least six months with real money and in real time.

    The only way the poll results will have any value at all is if only the eligible voters participate. This exercise can easily be corrupted by two different groups. The first group comprises Jack's detractors who do not trade using his methods and who may be compelled to vote in the negative to spite Jack. The second group comprises those devotees of Jack who fully believe in Jack's methods and are actively creating their own "reality" of prosperity but have not yet reached the point of trading the methods in real time with real money.

    I ask that both of these two groups refrain from participating so that we may actually arrive at something remotely useful. Needless to say, the results will lack statistical validity, but they may have some anecdotal usefulness. However, this limited best-case scenario only has a chance if solely eligible voters participate. If you are not eligible to vote but feel compelled to participate for one reason or another, then please do so via posts to this thread rather than by voting.

    Thank you.
  2. Jack supporters will simply claim that everyone losing money is "doing it wrong".

    Kinda like reading tea leaves.
  3. That is certainly a possibility, and everyone is entitled to interpret the results as they please. I welcome the discussion that may follow. But for now, I am just hoping against hope that only eligible voters will participate in the poll and that they will do so honestly.
  4. WD40


    I do not see any animosity between the groups.

    What I see is a lot of questions being asked, and answers given.

    Questions and answers are what a forum is for.

    Sometimes the same questions are asked again, and answers given again.

    Sometimes the questions are asked by the same person, with different handles.

    Some of the questions are important, some of the questions are irrelevant. All questions are fair game on a public forum.

    Some of the people are sincere about their questions, some just want to take potshots.

    Sometimes Jack would answer the questions himself, other times by one of the students/followers.

    Some of Jack's answers are long and detailed, others are long and winded. None of the answers are cryptic. All you need is to read them.

    Some of Jack's answers are beneficial, some of the readers will never be benefited.

    Life is a stage.
    We all get to choose our favorite part.
  5. I think you already know where I stand on all matters Jack. That is why I have refrained from participating in the poll. I really would like to see how it plays out even though I suspect the results will be marred at least somewhat by ineligible voters on both sides.

    Beliefs are one thing, and I readily admit that I share yours. I'm just curious about what people who have actually gone the distance, by committing both their time and trading capital to Jack's methods, have to say.
  6. The poll doesn't specify if you are referring to futures or stock trading.

    Futures is out of the question, since the material is at the beginning stages.

    The only ones that can vote are stock traders i.e. those who have followed Spydertrader's thread during 2005 and 2006 minimum.

    I am not one of them, so I can't vote.

    If you start a new poll for futures traders in December then I will vote.
  7. Let me know when the "Do you make money using Wizetrade?" poll comes out.

    My Cat out-trades us all

  8. Dear Opie. Jack has been touting his futures SCT method for many years. There must be scores of people still reading here who have tried it, so the newbility of the current crop of suckers should not be a detriment.
  9. Agree. I think those "scores" of people must have moved on, you know.....I would assume you would have too....I mean...

    You are a good chap, but I highly doubt you would be writing here in ET for entertainment from your yacht moored in Cote d'Azur...(with all those tiities hanging around in the area)

    OTOH, you must have meant nobility, correct? :D
  10. In the many unhappy years I have been here, SCT Jackmania has cycled like a seasonal, roughly every six months. Admittedly some of the Jacktractors have shut up, usually from sheer frustration, but I know from episodic PMing that many of them are still here. More, I think, than he has seasoned profitable supporters. My objections come from attempting to apply the ass-sorted method-lets to NQ. On its utility for ES, I cannot say. Applied strictly per the canon to NQ, it is nearly worthless. Only the attempt to apply it has been instructive, in a heuristic sort of way.
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