POLL for intraday index traders: How do you deal with slower periods during the day?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Thunderdog, Aug 21, 2009.

How do you deal with slower periods during the day?

  1. Slog through it, taking all setups come what may.

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  2. Stop trading.

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  3. Tighten setup criteria.

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  1. If you trade index futures intraday, then please participate in the poll.
  2. FB123


    I either trade something else that is moving, or else go away. It is possible to make money during those times, but it's harder, you make less money, it takes longer, and it's more annoying.

    When the market is completely dead there's no point in trying to trade it too much as the little bit of extra money you can make (as compared to the trending times) isn't worth the hassle.
  3. Trade less.

    Less size... hold positions for a shorter amount of time... smaller profits (singles).

    As day traders, you lose your edge with less volume and momentum.
  4. Or, you could post 17 times a day on ET in the Politics Forum and just never trade. That way, you never lose any money. :D

    You could also continue to make a total FOOL out of yourself by posting how Nat-Gas was up on the day when it got totally "clobbered" for yet another 7 year low and a 5% drop down to $2.80 in the front month.
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  10. I trade till 11 to 12 EST and call it quits. No need to waste time slushing around in all the nonesense. If you must trade all day CL has good afternoon moves.
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