POLL : Fibonacci ,Gann,Elliot Wave...

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Fibonacci, Gann, Elliot wave ,etc..

  1. Fibonacci

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  2. Gann

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  3. Elliot wave

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  4. other , please post in thread

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  1. What method you use or could have value ?
  2. fibonacci is not a method but a series of tools and indicators. someone who uses them well is Joe Dinapoli, google him its pretty easy
  3. Fib and EW are related kin. In the beginning of a strong uptrend wave 2 often pulls back to 38%. After making the 5th wave the market often bounces off of the 100%, 127.2%, and when real strong 161.8% price projection/ext. I use both just for overall market structure. I don't try and count subwave, etc. If you believe that markets are cyclical then EW/fib makes sense. If you are like R Canfield then don't bother. :D

    P.S. some know this already, that look for a confirmed reversal before attempting use EW and define a new trend. For example, a trader vic 2b, a double bottom or top, a wyckoff spring, a key bar up, etc. Lastly you want to see a pullback on lighter volume to 38% which is going to be wave 2.
  4. Are DiNapoli levels related to fibonacci ?
  5. 1) Support / resistance
    2) Trend
    3) 50 & 200dma
    4)Price & volume
    5) Chart patterns
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    I voted for fibs, but am starting to use Dr. Andrews' Pitchfork which I am interested in more and more every time I apply it to a chart.

    Back to fibs, does anyone use time zones, are they helpful?
    TIA :)
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    Pure price volume action
  8. Not 1 Gann trader ..yet ..:)

  9. dinapoli levels are fibonacci retracement and clusters
  10. Agreed I focus on price and volume first, then EW and fib second. IMO PV move the market.
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