Poll: Fed Cut

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tony01, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Tony01


    What do you think the Fed will do and what do you think will happen?
  2. cheeks


    A quarter.

    And I have absolutely no idea how the market will act.
  3. Buy the rumor, sell the news.
  4. You need an option that says, no matter what happens the futures chart will look like the damn EKG of a person who is being hit with those shockers in the ER after the previous flat line.

    Whiplash city as my friend used to say.


    300-350 up on the Dow Tommorow?

    Futures have been so slow to drift upwards all night, there getting there but not with the pop I would have thought on what looks like a republican slam dunk.
  5. Tony01


    I say .25; sell-off then consolidate. Then start to finally give back some of this bear rally over the next few days.
    Of course I could be wrong?:confused:
  6. I think they will be pressured to cut the .25 point.
    Regardless of what they do, this market is ready for some profit taking IMHO.
    Good idea for poll TONY01
  7. QLGC is up from 20 to 42, parabolically. It's first on my list of shorts . . . .
  8. JORGE


    Cramer is calling for the trifecta of good news to give us a blow off rally. You could of made a lot of money the last year fading his calls.
  9. He called TYC a long at 53, and to buy more at 33. That fade alone would have made my year.
  10. JORGE


    Worst thing is that I am sitting here on my hands trying to avoid trading in front of the fed while watching the banks and biotechs fall apart.
    #10     Nov 6, 2002