Poll: Fans Say NBA Has Become ‘Too Political’ as Ratings Crumble

Discussion in 'Sports' started by FortuneTeller, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. Yeah the league is far from being done but it is fine if you don't like it anymore...

    Ratings are certainly down as sports has changed with all these bubbles and modified playoff formats...also the early round playoff matchups for the most part are never that exciting even though HOU-OKC made it close.

    As we get to the later rounds the match ups will improve unless Lebron and Giannis both get knocked out as they are the biggest draws in ratings.

    To say it is done is just personal opinion hyperbole, they still rake in billions in tv revenue, merchandise sales and licensing.
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    In my younger days, basketball was by far my favorite spectator sport, especially during the Jordan years.

    I'm done with basketball.
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    All you need to know about the "doneness" of any sport is whether the salaries and the franchise values are going down.

    Fack, they even brought back the USFL for the junkies who can't get enough football 6 months out of the year. And that's not counting all the time spent masturbating over the draft and their "fantasy" teams.
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  6. Long live Chuck !!
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    He is a funny guy, but unlike bus rider KD he doesn't have ... a ring.