POLL: Embarrassed that ETers are birthers, believe in ID, think LW is a trading hero?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Sep 10, 2009.

Embarrassed that ETers are birthers, believe in ID, think Larry W. is a trading hero?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Chit Chat? Chit Chat?!

    Are we not discussing the membership of a trading-related web site? Is this site not considered an educational resource by some? How, then, did this thread find its way to Chit Chat?
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  2. Name two

    homoerotic and gotyoubytheballs are two.
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  3. Wow, I was close! :)

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  4. jem


    wow - the funny thing is an intelligent man would say....

    1. I have no idea where the hell Obama was born because I can't get my hands on any reliable evidence?

    2. He would also say wow - there are many many physicists who find the anthropic principle interesting... perhaps there is something to the fact that the only known universe we have is so finely tuned we have no evidence to combat the I.D ers only speculation.

    3. Larry Williams - could have been a fraud and now it is possible he trades well. Although I am quite skeptical of any claims made by anyone without proof.
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  5. no, they are not. the only drowning out which persisted here for way too long was your close-mind position on lw supported by another equally dogged lw troll

    go ahead and count the posts inside lw threads by yourself and puretruth divided by lw posts, and tell us what the sum aggregate is

    the definition of drowning-out would be one which emblankets another. clearly the loudest voices shouting inside those droll threads were none other than yours
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  6. you still living in your mother's house? how's the therapy going?
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  7. Got no opinion on Larry Williams 'cuz I never heard of him.
    ID can be kinda sorta like Deism, or it can be a lot more stupid. I'm guessing the posters here probably lean to the stupid side, but I don't look at those threads. I figure they're probably contesting some basic bio principles in there, and I'm not interested in the opinions of people who think science is subjective.
    Birthers are the usual conspiracy types, and they're like diarrhea: all over the place, especially on the Internet.
    Long way of saying I'm not embarrassed by being a member of this site. Or rather: I'm not the one who should be embarrassed.
    You know who they are. They know who they are. The phrase for most of them is: one-trick ponies. Fun to beat up on, until it gets old.
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  8. On the other hand...
    I did just see what ranks as both the strangest and stupidest post I've ever seen, saying that we egged Japan and Germany into fighting us when they were on the frontlines of the fight against Communism.
    I am not making that up.
    That's embarrassing, both for the poster and this board.
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  9. This poll shows no signs of Intelligent Design.
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  10. Re: 1.) I have to say, ridicule never will be a valid substitute for detective work.

    2.) The weapon of choice is in the form of the question; Then how did a Creator come into existence? Interesting too is that the only method of penetrating the question left to anyone is faith; like an unexplorable wormhole to a truth that crossing the event horizon of would destroy any further possibility for inquiry. As if all the possible combinations and permutations our assembled neurons can form brain patterns of, more than all the subatomic particles in the universe, represent the vastness of the universe and this ethereal ...Faith is the only ride left in the park.

    Bullshit, now pass that doob over here again.
    #20     Sep 12, 2009