POLL: Does Pa(b)st Prime have his Head & Shoulders up his Bottom formation?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Thunderdog, Mar 13, 2009.

Does Pa(b)st Prime have his Head & Shoulders up his Bottom formation?

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  1. Simple question.
  2. I can vouch for Kurt Eckhardt's credibility.

    We may not always agree on political issues, but the man certainly has his finger on the pulse of the market.

    ET could use a lot more veterans on their website like Kurt.

  3. Thanks bro!! Your kind words-especially from another successful trading veteran mean more than i can say!
  4. With due respect, Landis, Pabst is a crass and bigoted thug who lords his self-proclaimed superiority over anyone willing and stupid enough to listen. And now he's offering a please-pay-me chat room? Hell, I didn't even bother reading his "blue ribbon trade" thread. But I do hope that some of his like-minded ET brethren take him up on this once-in-a-lifetime ('cause I probably won't fool you twice) offer. From his web site:

    The Money Part: One of two ways. Your choice. A $2000 buy in and we split 50/50 on profits. A $5000 buy in and we split 75% to you and 25% to me. You can go as big as you like on the 75/25. Why so small? A few reasons. One I'm an untested product. Also we're going to be aggressive. I'm shooting for 1970's type CTA returns like 2000% over the next 3 years. That entails risk and I'd rather not cause someone to lose their house. We can always offer a toned down version at a later date. Also I'm not doing this just for the money but to make a statement. I want thousands of viewer/clients and to bring fund accessibility to the masses.

    What a load. If you weren't an ass, I'd be embarrassed for you.
  5. There are no simple questions. There are only simple questioners like you. :D
  6. Cesko


    What a pathetic asshole you are. Fuck you idiot.
  7. Is that what you speed seducers call a "neg?"
  8. How can anyone take Pabst seriously with something like this?

    This seems like some complex dice-game like scam. 2000% returns?

    I remember a few months back when Pabst was pandering himself out to people for $500 a month. I guess Pabst thought up of something new since then...

    You say your a good trader, ok, thats one thing...but pandering youself out for 500 bucks and promising 2000% returns. Come on...


  9. What's more accountable? Saying to traders needing help-"pay me so I can lease a Ferrari or put the same money in a pool and I'll explain how I'm trading." I'm ALSO AN INVESTOR in the pool. In fact I'm the BIGGEST single investor in it.


  10. the1


    A 2000% return on a tiny account is not really a lot as long as you're willing to lose it all. 15 people x 2k each, 30k. Shit, roll the dice. 2k ain't nothing.

    I did over 1000% in my first year of trading futures but I started as a 1-lot piker and took huge risks as my account grew. I went full margin on a regular basis. At the end of the year though, it was <b>Cha-Ching!</b> The following year I almost lost it all and quickly learned a better way. Good luck with the quest Pabst. Just make sure your homies know a blow out could happen fast.

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