POLL: Do you think that the current state of US Republicanism is pathological?

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Do you think that the current state of US Republicanism is pathological?

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  1. By pathologcal, I refer to: narcissism, xenophobia, superstition, bigotry, cultism, denial, arrested development, delusion, bullying, dissociation, paranoia, repression, obsession, avarice, egotism, insecurity, pathological lying, megalomania, sociopathy.

    I hope that clarifies. Please vote.
  2. You need to add another category because the correct answer is, no more so that US Radical Leftism which now dominates the Dem party.
    Must I continue to introduce the pot to the kettle in every thread?:p
  3. Both extremes have their share of faults. However, judging by what I see here and on the news (don't get me started on FOX), it seems that Republican extremism has seeped into that party's mainstream. Far Left extremism? Not so much. Anyone with any intellectual integrity would agree.
  4. By your standards no, but if you mean: above the law socialist party light, unconstitutional nanny/welfare state-ism , crony capitalism at the expense of the taxpayer , I'd agree.
  5. Teacher union member:

    "Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor."

    Carry on...
  6. Errr, both parties are now being dominated by the relatively small, but vocal extremists. The reason for this is neither party has leadership with the stones to tell the radical elements of their party to STFU! I'd also imagine there's some redefining of what extreme is. A crowd of white people in the street is now considered extreme. Afterall, those folks are suppose to just keep their heads down, go to work and pay the tab for all this crap like they always have. Whitey now pitching a bitch, whaz sup wid dat?
  7. Mnphats


    Like Bush?

    Like Mccain?

    Whom are you referring too?

    Bush and Mccain are far more left then right. Far left extremism=North Eastern Liberals, the main stay of the left.
  8. You are an idiot, Fox news is just reflecting the dissatisfaction of the public with our divergence from the Constitution, meritocracy and a market based economy.
  9. Extremism is a term used to describe the actions or ideologies of individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards.[citation needed] In democratic societies, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with a authoritarian regime are usually branded extremists, in authoritarian societies the opposite applies.

    The term is invariably, or almost invariably, used pejoratively. Extremism is usually contrasted with moderation, and extremists with moderates. (For example, in contemporary discussions in Western countries of Islam, or of Islamic political movements, it is common for there to be a heavy stress on the distinction between extremist and moderate Muslims. It is also not uncommon to necessarily define distinctions regarding extremist Christians as opposed to moderate Christians, as in countries such as the United States).

    Political agendas perceived as extremist often include those from the far left or far right as well as fundamentalism or, as a more general term, fanaticism.


    We do see an increase in the number of people who are leaving both parties and registering as independents. A better term for independents right now is moderates. When you see every single republican vote no on issues, and not all the democrats (like in the house and senate on the health care bill) you could say with little doubt that the republicans have moved away from any sense of compromise as a complete group. There remain a few democrats who will deviate from the pure party line.

    I don't recall the democrats suggesting that people sign a purity document the way the republicans have.

    So both parties have become victims of the extreme sides of their party.

    Frankly, it is difficult to find anyone who is actually moderate, who can reason on the issues. It is all so reactionary, emotional, full of hyperbole, etc.

    The problem for the republicans of course is the changing demographics, which don't favor their positions.

    Voting along party lines is really nothing new. People have done it for years, and right now the majority party is setting the tone...and the minority party is not liking it at all. The right wing has become very reactionary, especially since they lost power.

    Is there a solution?

    Not likely a bloodless one. We are seeing an increase in radicalism and violence, especially on the right side of the extremism.

    We do have populist favorites like Palin, but she will not carry a presidential election.

    The right and left wing extremist pundits have their loyal following, but they equally have huge negatives in the polls.

    So the bottom line is that America is still the same old America. Corrupt politicians on both sides lying their asses off, a stupid electorate who has no principles except what they think is right, and a house divided against itself.
  10. I refer to what is currently considered to be the "mainstream" of the party. As I noted earlier, no one is denying the radical fringle elements on either side. I refer to the Right's extremism seeping into the collective mainstream of the Republican party. The outright lying and hyperbole that has become trademark is really is an ugly thing to see. The outright deception perpetrated by FOX is unconscionable. If they must be opinionated, they should at least make an effort to be factual. But they don't.
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