POLL: Do you spend "too much" time on ET?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Thunderdog, Oct 20, 2006.

Do you spend "too much" time on ET?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I should point out that I think ET has a number of virtues. I have found the hardware and software sections to be quite useful and am grateful for the guidance that members readily provide. The various debates about general trading strategy have also provided some insight from time to time. And, of course, there is the ongoing comic relief. Even so, do you occasionally find yourself thinking that maybe you're spending more time here than you think you should?
  2. yes. it does help relieve boredom though.
  3. yeah, not good. just wastin' my life in front of the screen like if i hadnt enough of it, ror.

    as soon as i go back to my country i'll reduce the time i spend browsin' threads big time. now i have no many comforts here and et is more or less all i have. :(
  4. I love this site, Otherwise I would go brain dead at work.
  5. There isnt a "yeah, but.....option"
    How much, is too much?
    35-40 hours a week too much?
    Or 10-16 hours in a row, every few days?

    Too much?
  6. Less and less time spent here, with every passing day.

    Being trained by two absolutely superb professional mentors has made ET primarily (marginal) entertainment at this point.
  7. Cutten


    No, I only visit from time to time, perhaps 1 hour per week on average.
  8. That's how much time someone i know spends online gaming, btw. Now THAT is a total waste of time.
  9. I definitely spend too much time here...but you have to admit with the occasional "banning" episodes of late it does provide entertainment. Also I've really enjoyed the jokes and once in a while actually learned something helpful! :D
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