POLL: Do you prefer trends or trend reversals when trading ES intraday?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by candletrader, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Assume that no trades are taken overnight into the Globex session...

    There has been talk on ET by some that playing intraday trends on ES is a somewhat limiting game, since very little is left after the beginning and the end of the trend (the former of which is missed out on and the latter of which is only known ex post). The flipside argument is that playing trend reversals is a lower probability game (i.e. the "conventional" wisdom is to play with the trend)...

    My take on the above is uncertain... it could very well be that the combination of hit rates and win size:loss size ratios result in similar expectancies for both approaches, when executed by disciplined traders with clearly defined and sensible methodologies...

    Please vote and add any comments as you see fit...
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    Wong Lee

    candle, you are the poll master.

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    Is your last name WONG? or LEE? :)
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  6. Unfortunately, like Tudor Jones and Livermore I like the reversals!
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    For the poll, I opted to take mid-part of a well-developed trend. In fact, my trading approach is to catch mid-part of a well-developed trend in <b>high time frame</b>, but anticipate trend reversal in <b>low time frame</b>.