Poll: Do you gross 1.5 cents per share?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dnaj65000, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Calculate your GROSS/SHARE by taking the dollar amount you make per month (or use lifetime if you have the data) divided by the total volume you trade.

    ex. Last month I grossed $3105/340,400 shares = 0.9cents

    Along the lines of 90% of traders fail, I hear that the best EQUITY traders in the world net approximently 1.0 cents per share. However, this is factoring transaction costs.

    I like to know how much does everyone gross per share. This is the best way to measure EQUITY trading prowess on a level playing field. For all of you who are futures traders, please don't complain in this tread...just start a new one with a poll that would measure futures performance. Thanks.
  2. who cares?

    if you want to really know numbers like this

    I suggest you open up an account

    at a prop firm / retail firm that might give you

    real numbers if their top traders to compare to

    do not think you will get a good sample here

    good luck ....
  3. Hard to imagine that the best manage only 1 cent per share, unless you are talking pure high speed scalping.