POLL: Do you believe "birthers" essentially cannot accept a black man as their prez?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Jul 30, 2009.

Do you believe "birthers" essentially cannot accept a black man as their president?

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  1. Simple question.
  2. Yes
  3. fhl


    Do you believe "birthers" essentially cannot accept a <s>black man</s> Kenyan as their president?

    Why yes, I do.
  4. A speaker on one of the news shows said that Obama wants this to continue as long as possible.He said Obama knows that there is no chance of the birthers ever being proven right and his supporters and any sane people know that the birthers are a bunch of nut jobs

    He said Obama loves this because it keeps the right distracted on non sense issues and it makes the right look like a bunch of idiots

    Funny that the issue is getting more press now,it takes attention from the fact that Obamas numbers has been dropping,he is having problems getting his health care plan passed,the Gates/cop thing could have been much worse etc

    Lets keep talking about a birth certificate LOL
  5. Of course. Just like naming Rush Limbaugh as the head of Republican Party. It's a convenient (and apparently very effective) diversion.

    And the Right Wing fringe does look like a bunch of idiots for their continual pursuit of this ghost.

  6. What was the "birthers" issue with John McCain then?
  7. There is proof he was not born on US soil.The Dem's didn't pursue though,they loved McCain as an opponent
  8. Conveniently, it also gives everyone else a glimpse of who is underneath those white sheets, since these particular sheets don't provide anywhere near the cover that some folks might think.
  9. What was the proof?
  10. His father was a admiral stationed over seas
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