POLL: Did the Hybrid System cause that huge DOW down tick?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I say yes. That one minute fall at 2:59 would never have happened pre-hybrid days. What do you say?
  2. I was watching the futures and there was no gap there. I notice when YM was around -400 that cnbc was quoting dow around 250 and wondered what was going on then they suddenly caught up.

  3. the indu quote was bad . IB had it right the whole day.
  4. eh?

    It wasn't bad. The DOW 30 prices fell that fast. Didn't you see the DOW recover 200 points after the fall?

  5. the market dropped in response to the indu quote which was corrected @ 3pm. People wrongly assumed that the mkt had just gapped dwn. IB quote had the indu quote correct all day fwiw. Reuters, cnbc, online quotes were all wrong til 3pm.
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    I agree with Bearbelly, I was in the game watching IB as it happened.
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    And you too Cndtrader!

  8. cnbc just confimed dow jones quote glitch fixed @ 3pm fwiw.
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    It was China. Where are you guys sticking your brains? Up your butt?

    Have the basic drivers of markets eluded all you fools in your fear of computer algorithms?

    My money is good old fashioned fear making these morons who program systems puke their little stoopid guts out all over the market so I can take their money.

    VIVA AUTOMATED TRADING. The clever HUMAN with discretion and objectivity wins hands down every time.

    Keep coding kids.
  10. Well yeah.... Where else are we supposed to put our brain when we need to cool off?...
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