Poll: Did Jesse Jackson help cause today's selloff?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Molon Labe, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. As most of you know, career extortionist & expert looter Jesse Jackson rang the NYSE opening bell today, followed by a long softball interview by Maria. Is this one of the causes of the steep selloff right at the open?
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  3. GD2KNO


    I can't imagine the mind that could relate today's market action with who rang the opening bell. Especially in the way you did.

    And the 4 who agreed thus far are no better. GET HELP

    No wonder the world looks the way it does and our attack ships are steaming to the Mediterranean!
  4. dbphoenix


    So THAT'S why.

  5. Have any good shrinks in mind? I mean, you are always good for a referral or two.
  6. Flow


    NEVER forget the market is a living breathing organisim -- if the putrid site of Jesse ringing the bell made enough traders feel ill -- then perhaps it was indeed enough to perpetuate some selling off the open and break us out of this very constricted market...

    Selling begets more selling which begets more selling -- All set in motion by Jesses face -- the market has danced to much sillier tunes...

  7. jesse's not looking so healthy these days...

    "dubya dubya dubya DOT rain-bow coalition DOT AWG!!!"
  8. aren't you that spammer who's been bugging elitetrader emembers with spamming private messages.

    and now you come out against the USA?

    As jim carrey said, you are a "Loooooooooser!"


    ps why dont you leave the US if thats how you feel. you can catch a plane with alec baldwin, sean penn, and woody harrelson.
  9. taodr


    "dubya dubya dubya DOT rain-bow coalition DOT AWG!!!"

    Hah Ha, Bung....good one !
  10. Tea


    Ignoring the racial angle.....

    ......I don't think that having an ethically challenged person like Jesse Jackson ring the bell gives confidence to people who have stayed away from the market because of the ethical problems of corporate America and the NYSE in the 1990's.

    What kind of message is this sending?

    To me it is that the NYSE which represents capitalism has not learned anything from the scandals and that it's business as usual. One would think that they would try to stay squeaky clean for a while.

    So with that in mind, who knows if it affected the open.

    Who is going to ring the bell next.....Dennis Kozlowski?
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