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Laptop or Desktop

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  1. Hello Traders,

    I started with a Laptop, and added a Desktop for charts and TA.

    What about you? and what's the reason behind your setup?

    Anyone went all laptops?
  2. I'd guess most traders use a desktop because a laptop may not have the card needed to support multiple screens. Plus desktops are easier to use.
  3. I trade with a Laptop. But due to the need for a ton of monitors, I'll be switching to a FULL desktop solution (right now I am 2 monitors with this laptop system)

    Advantages of a laptop. if you have temp power outage, your computer doenst just shut down. Of course APS Backups work great as well. I have an APC 1400 4 battery unit that gives me about an hour of uptime after an outage..... (In my studio though. LOL)

    For trading I have exceeded the need for more than 2 monitors. I need at minimum 3 but am going to 4.

    Personally I think it is better to trade with a desktop. Desktops overall are built to run faster than laptops.

    I have added a trackball, 20" LCD and an external keyboard to my laptop so it's like running a desktop .. almost.... I also use a 60GB external for daily system backups...
  4. If you need multi-monitor support, you pretty much have to use a desktop. I could be wrong, but I don't recall seeing a laptop or desktop replacement that can handle more than 2 monitors. I guess the reason is that a laptop is meant to be portable and if you have 3+ monitors, you probably aren't transporting your computer and monitors each day, which makes sense.

    I also find that desktops are easier to customize and make hardware changes.
  5. The best you can do is 3 monitors but that severly limits your screen res, so in essence, it isnt even worth your time to do it.
  6. To get a comparable rig with laptop is 2-4 times a much. I was looking at traveling trading set up, 2 fast laptops and 2 17" folding screens with a matrox extenders. Looking at 2-3k. The laptops alone are about $1300 each from Dell. Tha'ts a 17" screen. I can't downsize to 15" after using 5 19"s. Right now I can get a screaming fast Dell, I just bought one for $460 and buy a 19" for 150.

    I know some of you may not need the travel features I am looking into. This is closet apples to apples comparison I could get. Now one could say why do you need 2 laptops for travel trading. I don't want to put all my processes running 1 cpu. I did that and I saw the CPU spike to 100% too much. Now I have charts on 1 and dom and other stuff on the other. When I really get my act together I will stop surfing on my trading computer and get a third, at $500 why not, and just have 1 computer for personal, 1 for charts, and 1 for dome with everything installed on each computer for redundancy.

    Post edit. Now some will same laptop for dom in case you lose power, because laptops typically run for about 2 hours. My point though, is why run a laptop for dom, when I have no charts? I don't want to risk my $$$ hoping that battery meter is correct. I have bb good for about 10 minutes of full power or 20 minutes partial trading. Beyond that I will just shut down. If it becomes an issue Costco/Sams have great generators for under 1k.
  7. the thing with laptops is they aren't ergonomic. a seperate monitor allows viewing at eye level. Looking down at a laptop screen creates alot of eye and neck strain.
  8. I'm on a desktop w/1 monitor.
    I don't wanna get dependent on looking at too much junk. Clutters up my mind and takes up too much room.

    I would like a laptop for traveling, but I"m not sure my brother in law's wireless system in his house (the only place I"d travel to and trade) has the speed I need for futures.

    I really don't wanna be 5 seconds off on a chart.

    If anyone has a suggestion I"d be very happy to read about it.
  9. Desktop all the way. Most laptop keyboards feel like crap.
  10. Both,

    Desktop for the multi monitor setup. Laptop for travel or coffee shop breaks.

    I use the laptop along with the desktop for broker front end, and net surfing. Desktop is just charts.

    When traveling, I take along a 19" monitor. Fits in suitcase easy. I just tape cardboard over the screen, and wrap in bubble wrap. I travel a lot.

    BTW, Matrox will allow you to run 4 screens with a laptop, in high res. The laptop monitor + 3 external. You have to have a really good video card in the laptop though. The Nvidia GeForce with some HP's does the job. If you do this, get a 17" laptop, 3 19" LCD's, and 2 gigs RAM. If running XP, 1 gig will do. each external can run native res of a 19" (1280 X 1024).
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