Poll!! Dawn of a New Bull?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Answer, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. I know since Coach Brown got out of Philly my fortune's lookin up..nice old man but that yellin' every day. The Answer's paid to put the ball UP!! BUT back on track here, where is this headed? And none of this "Oh Answer I don't know, maybe we chop. Or Answer I don't care 'cause I trade what I see. Y'all get paid like I do..to take shots!!!
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    Typically speaking we will get strong market activity into earnings season, however we have not had that this quarter. This to me is a sign of weakness. Also economic numbers continue to come in bad and there is no new investment by business to speak of. Until that occurs I doubt we will see a rebound. We are not seeing new names and new sectors breaking out right now and the SP is forming something of a daily head and shoulders pattern. Blah Blah . I don't know that it will crash "any day now" but I also dont see us going too much higher. The only positive I can see is in the Semi's with stocks like KLAC, LSI etc holding up very well as well as the sector overall (SMH). Before anything can happen though we need to get out of this trading range we are in, back and forth, back and forth.

  3. Like 1987 it all depends on the Bond market.

    Thx Wavetrader
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    The bears are out roaming.
  5. shoot, havent you guys figured out yet to vote the opposite of your positions? i need some long votes here.
  6. To answer the post title, there is always plenty of new bull on this site.

  7. How do you vote for both ...
  8. above 1000 until everybody forgets about corrections, then we
    will correct
  9. The long rates are going higher. That'll hurt both equity and debt market. Blame the federal deficit.
  10. is getting CLOSER!

    Look OUT!!!
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