Poll; Charting and programmable system trading with the CurreneX data feed

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Would a programmable charting system with the CurreneX feed be useful?

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  1. Just need the charting

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  2. Need the charting and systems capability

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  1. I am running this poll to find out how many traders would like to use a fully programmable, systems trading, charting system with a patch to the CurreneX platform and Data feed.

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  2. Bump, oh by the way where are the votes dudes and dudettes

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  3. johnmo



    I saw that Currenex has launched CX SmartOrder. Is it the fully programmable platform you are talking to?
  4. Actually no, CurreneX has no idea when their new platform will be released, I know this because I trade with them. The platform I reffered to is something we are tring to get our White Label Provider to put on the front burner rather than the back burner. I had hoped that if I could get enough interest here we could get them to take notice.

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  5. JLarsen


    Hi TradeViper,

    I would be very interested.

    I am also looking for a solution autotrading CX.

    My Strategies running under TradeStation 2ki currently autotrading at IB via 3th party tools.

    The closest solution for CX I found so far is going through StratregyRunner.

    Enabling DDE in SR and using MetaServerRT for DDE I got the CX realtime datastream into TradeStation Globalserver.

    Next step (not yet done) will be to forwarding orders (MKT & LMT)
    from TS to CX.
    In principle SR API should be possible to do it, but I need a TS compatible DLL to initiate trades within the Easylanguage code.
    Thats the way it works so far.

    Are you going to program a solution ?

  6. JLarsen


    So to sum up:

    I thing there is no need for another charting solution but
    a autotrading solution for CX.

    There are so many vendors out, preparing
    connectivity to IB/MBT and other brokers like

    but none of them is supporting CX.

    They all focus on the future broker instead of forex.

    On the other side there are few solutions for forex
    but just for Bucket Shops, like

    So it looks to me, that there could be a market for a new product.

    Anyone, who is going to CX should be some kind of professional,
    well capitalisied and should know, what a reliable, supported solution kan be worth to them = they will pay for, if its worth.

    So maby ist time to initiate some kind of 'joint venture' to create a solution.

    Any suggestions on that ????

  7. Strategy Runner has 2 version of its API that offer true CX programming interface

    1. Client Side API- Supports C++,Java,VB,VBA (Excel) and live feed)

    2. Server side API (systems are run from server in brokerage house) this is a powerful API - not free) that uses C++ and once systems are programmed and compiled you have a DLL and XML on the server and can control it with SR console

    Many Hedge Funds and Algo' traders use it for active systems.

    DDE is used only for feed from console, if you need a robust excel feed and order sending ask to use SAS with API (StrategyAutomation Station with client side API)

    for more heavy duty ask for server side API
  8. waelmg



    what do u mean by thi "There are so many vendors out, preparing
    connectivity to IB/MBT and other brokers like"

    are these advanced order entry systems for mbt and ib spot forex or, automated trading systems?
  9. JLarsen


    I mean datafeed connectivity and order entry systems.

    Together with these tools (Hyperorder, Nijatrader, Tradebullet,
    TradeBolt) you can use your own charting
    systems, like TradeStation, Neoticker, Amibroker, ....
    to create your systems and trade them at IB, MBT, ...

    But there is no integrated solution out on the market for Currenex.

  10. apfx


    You can get Metatrader for CX
    #10     Sep 18, 2006