POLL...(Chart)-What would you risk?

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  1. This is a daytrade on the ES e-mini. If you went short, where would you place your stoploss?


    BTW...I'm not going to show the rest of the chart later. I'm
    just trying to get a fell for what some of the pros would do. Thanks
  2. dbphoenix


    Since I wouldn't go short there, I can't answer the question. But I would have gone short at the open of the 12:13 bar with a 1-1.5pt stop (I trade the NQ).
  3. I'm not a pro, but if you forced me to go short there I would probably want a 2 tick stop.
  4. Did you mean the 12:11 bar, or the one following it?
  5. dbphoenix


    I mean the bar two after the 12:11 bar.
  6. I hope you don't mind a question.
    But how do you enter at the "open" of a bar? It seems to me that you wouldn't be abel to send an order prior to said bar open? and therefor you would have to sit there with your finger on the enter at market button?

    I just don't understand the mechanics of this type of entry.

    Thank you.
  7. dbphoenix


    You're correct. You'd have to place a market entry.

    I should point out, tho, that without knowing the context, I'm not sure that I would short at all. I don't much care what came after. I'm more interested in what came before.
  8. funky


    being that it's the early afternoon (~1pm) i would say if you chose to short there, then your stop would have to be quite larger than usual. its almost a guarantee that the floor guys are gonna run it up to see if it breaks out.
  9. another loser trying to get a "handle".. wahahaha :p
  10. Thanks...just curious though, why does the time (1pm) make a difference?
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