Poll: Bush Kicking Hillary's Ass

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  2. So? Bush is probably kicking my ass in the polls too. And just like Hillary, I'm not running either. So leading someone who isn't even trying to get the nomination is a big accomplishment?

    If Bush is so popular, how do you explain this part of the poll?:

    "While Bush leads individual Democrats, his overall poll numbers have slipped. Against a generic Democrat, the President is now tied, 42% to 42%"

    So that's pretty strong. He's tied with a nonexistent candidate.

    Yeah, like you have already said, it's gonna be a landslide.

    Just like last time!! LOL

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    What's your point? Perhaps Hillary isn't running (cause she knows she's toast) but neither is nonexsistant running. Bush is ahead of Dean, Kerry, etal by 10 points.
  4. Yeah, but he's tied with "nonexistent", so what is YOUR point?

    That an incumbent candidate is ahead in the polls against non nominees?

    OK, very impressive (and pretty funny, but I have the feeling you weren't going for humor).

    Great thread. Bush is wonderful and will surely win in 2004. Might as well cancel the election. It's all a foregone conclusion already. Just like President Bush (Senior) was a shoe-in back in 1991.

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    If you think '04 is going to be a repeat of 1992 you're mistaken. If Perot had not run, Bush Sr. would have won with about 54% of the vote. Exit polls showed that two thirds of Perot's total came from voter's who would have gone for Bush over Clinton.

    But hey, what goes around comes around. Thank you Ralph Nader, and what could be funnier than knowing that not only did those blind, too stupid to punch out the right chad- nursing home pinkos in Broward and PBC not vote for Gore, THEY VOTED FOR BUCHANAN!! ROFL!!!!!!
  6. Interesting statement. With all your cheerleading for Bush, I thought you were an American.

    Obviously I was mistaken.

    Sorry for coming to such an inaccurate assumption. Shame on me.

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    RS, The irony escapes you? I think the whole Gore vs. Buchanan ballot confusion was Hillaryus.
  8. Exactly! :D

    (From a recent Borowitzreport: )


    Holds Midnight Press Conference in Guam

    Delighted by the success of his super-secret visit to Baghdad, President George W. Bush has decided to do everything in secret from now on, sources acknowledged today.

    White House press secretary Scott McClellan refused to confirm or deny the President's decision to enshroud the executive branch in mystery, saying only that it was "a secret."

    But Mr. McClellan did say that from now on, all information relating to foreign policy, judicial appointments and especially the President's schedule would be divulged on a "need to know" basis only.

    While the secret Baghdad trip may have served as an inspiration for Mr. Bush's new policy, the President has long coveted the air of secrecy surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney, whom Mr. Bush has seen above ground only twice in the past eighteen months.

    Reportedly, Mr. Bush believes that his decision to evade detection will not prevent him from getting his message out to the American people, although he intends to deliver that message from now on in a top-secret code known only to him.

    In a sign that the President's new policy has already taken effect, Mr. Bush held an unannounced press conference last night at midnight at a remote Air Force base in Guam, attended by no one.

    To avoid being spotted, the President did not take Air Force One, instead flying in an unmarked plane operated by Hooters Air.

    Mr. Bush opened his press conference by saying, "Mixdy levgo trisdikk fleddxy," before dashing back into the plane and jetting home to Crawford, Texas, where aides said he planned to do "something."
  9. Pabst, why do you even care about all this? Don't you have politics in the part of the world in which you live to concern yourself with?

    "Hillaryus"...how clever. You should write a book!

    I myself voted on that "butterfly ballot" and it WAS confusing. And I am tall enough to have seen it from a proper angle. Short little old ladies must have had a very difficult time with it. But according to you, these little old ladies weren't just little, and old, they were " blind, too stupid to punch out the right chad- nursing home pinkos " You must be right. Probably card carrying communists. Blind, stupid, and communist. What a combination!

    If you think that's funny, well, I guess it takes all types.

    Certainly, different cultures have their own "humor". France thinks Jerry Lewis is funny, and you think that depriving registered voters of their right to cast ballots is funny.I am sure you were immensely amused about the early closing of some polling places in Florida, and the prevention of African Americans from getting into their polling places elsewhere in Florida.

    Well Jeb promised his brother, and he came through. Blood is thicker than justice.

    All very funny stuff I guess to you. But not to Americans.



  10. Man, that is BRILLIANT, I LUV it!!!
    Did you come up with that one yourself? Damn, only 3 years too late. That one would have probably swayed the entire result alone.
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