POLL: Bush and Osama

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  1. American action, under Bush, defines its notion of 'self-defense'... namely, the mass murder of the innocent...

    Osama's action defined his notion of 'retribution'... namely, the mass murder of the innocent...

    The Civilized World overwhemingly views the actions of Bush and Osama as morally equivalent, and views America as setting herself up for another 911... the Civilized World is unlikely to shed any tears for America, when and if this happens, since the Civilized World takes an objective and pragmatic view on things...

    This poll is simple... are the actions of Bush and Osama morally equivalent? The Civilized World believes they are... but what do ET'ers think?
  2. Geeesh, CT, you ARE poll-happy! :D

    The deal here is "Evil" fighting "Evil."

    To Muslims (Osama being the kingpin), the USA is evil for siding against Muslim-based "freedom fighter" nations therefore needs to be killed.

    To Bush's "rid the planet of evil" campaign, Osama and "Muslim extremists" are "evil" for killing those who side with the USA and our beliefs regarding our allies in the Muslim parts of the world, therefore Bush wants to kill them (the "freedom fighting" terrorists).

    This is my best guess. Nor do I care to guess anymore about it. It's not that big a deal anymore.

    to (I have not voted yet.)
  3. Interesting post... Evil versus Evil nicely sums it up...


  4. If true (and it's certainly not), then this "Civilized World" would appear to share your inability to distinguish between "military" and "civillian" targets, among other failings.
  5. The Civilized World makes its rational judgement on the basis of the manifestation of reality, and not the rantings of the neocons, who have more in common with Osama than anything else...

  6. Well, be that as it may, it doesn't seem to change the fact that this "Civilized World" shares your inability to distinguish between "military" and "civillian" targets. Doesn't take a neo-con to notice that.
  7. animals are more equal than others. Well, Orwell had it right. The same is true about evil. All evil people have the same moral standards, but some of these standards are even more evil. Osama was once the ally of the US as was Saddam. How come that they have become enemies? Or perhaps one should ask why they have ever been the US allies? Bush is as evil as Osama, but it was not Osama who started it but the foreign policy of the American administration.
  8. Good points... Osama's and Saddam's relationship with the USA goes beyond em once being our allies.... we created and funded these monsters, in our own image...

  9. You're forgetting that the relationship also runs the other way. Osama (and his cohorts) were also once our allies; 'allies' in the sense of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". That is, they both faced a common foe that they found more threatening than they found each other. Once that foe was eliminated the two-faced islamist fanatics had no convulsion at all about turning their attention onto eliminating us.

    And this is supposed to make Bush "as evil" as Osama? Yeah....riiight.