POLL: At the gates of Baghdad

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. When we get to Baghdad, please vote what you want us to do...
  2. I think you should just graciously receive the gifts the jubilant Iraqis will no doubt be showering you with and go on and enjoy the festivities they will have no doubt prepared...
  3. Well, if they wanna give us gifts, then that's a different matter...

  4. Wait, "music and flowers" wasn't it?
  5. hahaha


    Aren't you already there ??

    Bomb yourself and save the Earth from a new Hitler's army :)
  6. I voted for option 4... rather than risk our lives trying to kill em, we should just lay siege to em and starve those evil scum to death...
  7. roe


    Yes those evil scum in them kindergartens inBagdad, get rid of them. Starve them to death, that way we don't have to get our hands dirty
  8. Shut up, you evil, unpatriotic, loser...
  9. roe


    I've been called many things, but never an "evil, unpatriotic, loser". For your information: I love my country!

    You remind me of that great Hollywood movie titled "The Patriot": a real tear-jerker. Too bad they could not find an American actor who would lower himself to that sort of rubbish, but had to resort to that Aussie star Mel Gibson. "Mad Max' at his best?