POLL:Aside from ES, what do you trade?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pretzel, May 30, 2003.

  1. pretzel


    Just curious to know what's the second most popular market after ES.

  2. Mini Russell, but sometimes it feels like I'm the only one trading it!
  3. Foz


    That's why you've got two monitors... One for posting bids and the other for hitting them! :D
  4. YM of course ... so that I can trade with Pier.
  5. Ditch


    yeah, 1700 RT's/day in the DM, go figure...
  6. taodr


    I do much better with NQ than ES. I just seem to read it better.
  7. YM--- the future future of choice.


  8. I keep a sharp eye on the ES at all times but about 75% of my trades are on the YM. It trends very nicely and is also great for scalps. Just be carefull of those counter trend trades. :eek:
  9. himself


    By that do you mean that when it snaps back from the counter trend to to the trend it does so suddenly, and with a big snap>
  10. Bonds, more of a swing trade though.
    #10     Jun 2, 2003