POLL: Are you obsessed with trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by candletrader, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Is trading merely a functional activity for you i.e. a means to a monetary end...

    Or is trading something more significant... an obsession, something that consumes you for every waking moment... even when you are away from your desk, are you reading about trading, talking about trading or simply thinking about trading?

    Please vote on this poll, and add any comments...
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  3. Hehe... join the club, Brother nitro... :D
  4. Your obsessed with trading if =

    You dream about chart patterns.

    Have nightmares that your in a position that is going against you and you cant get out.

    If before you can get a good nights rest you have to mentally review each trade made that day.

    If every issue of T&A of stocks and commodities you own is torn and tattered.

    If you see chart patterns and technical indicators in a natural occurance. i.e waves at the beach, cracks in rock formations, spiderwebs, clouds and rainbows

    You watch trading info-mercials for shits and giggles (do people actually pay for this crap!!!!) :confused: :D

    YES, to all of the above.
  5. im not obsessed. i only sit in front of the computer 16 hours a day.that leaves 8 whole hours for other things.
  6. You are obsessed with trading when you look at your lover's naked body and discern and interesting chart pattern in it.
  7. you mean that double top pattern on her chest? lol

  8. good post bro...

    after reading your description, and accepting it as fairly accurate, I realized

    1. that often when driving will see vanity licenses and identify same with an option or stock symbol!

    2. Once at a seminar at the CME they asked participants to identify chart patterns without a name or clue and win a hat etc. I identified 2 out of 3 in an audience of over 250. One of them was Iomega's chart! Still got the hats.

    Guess I may have to change my vote from 2 to maybe #3.


  9. Yeah, but I was thinking the "V" bottom!
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    Do you know the symbols to the whole S&P 500 from memory? I do, and I've never even studied them, I just can't help it. Our license plates here have 3 numbers followed by 3 letters and I'm constantly trying to remember the company name that matches the three letters.
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