Poll Are You having trouble getting credit?

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Are you having trouble getting credit?

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  1. Yes having trouble getting credit

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  2. No problems getting credit

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  1. I keep getting offers for credit and have many business and personal credit lines. A few have reduced the amounts but thats about it.
  2. ElCubano


    not in my hood....just make sure you pony up on due date...
  3. Absolutely none. I have bankers that I see at lunch and around town joking with me because they want to loan me money and I never take them up on it.
  4. otherwise you get shanked :D

  5. Look here is the bottom line. Consumers with good credit and a track record of paying back loans on time are having no trouble getting access to credit.

    It’s the people with bad credit and charge offs, repos, and late pays that are not able to access the credit markets.

  6. jordanf


    Sen. Schumer said today that he had talked to siomeone working in auto financing, and he told him that at this point things were so bad they were only making loans to people with high credit scores. OMG, the horror!

    And another guy (Sununu?) says we have to get consumer credit going again - student loans, car loans, credit cards - the things that keep the economy growing and strong.

    These guys basically admit the whole thing is a house of cards built on quicksand and no one bats an eye.
  7. I despise the system of credit. Even my credit cards have a positive balance, in case of emergencies. I HATE DEBT! That's why I worked my ass off after buying a home to pay off the mortgage ASAP. DEBT SUCKS! Who likes waking up to debt?
  8. Only those who never intend to pay it off...
  9. In my younger days, one had to EARN the right to be able to borrow...

    So what's the plan now? Use all of this public money to let "credit irresponsibles" off the hook... so they can go and do the same thing all over again? You know, to "keep the economy strong"?
  10. What happened to saving fot what you want. When I was growing up we put things on lay away, and made payments to the store until we had paid in full. Then we got the product with ZERO interest.

    But now it's GIVE ME.... NOW NOW NOW. No disipline, credit is ok for large purchases.

    But now here is the rub, everything costs so much and wages have not kept up with inflation we sit in this Fed made mess, yes the fed created this mess.
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