Poll: Are you an Elitetrader addict...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, May 5, 2002.

  1. When you wake up everyday, do you immediately log on and read Elitetrader?

    Do you spend more hours on Elitetrader than you do talking with your family?

    Are you an addict?
  2. aura0663


    The plot is slowly becoming apparent--Baron is getting us hooked on this trading site by only offering a top quality site **" The first one is free"** ____and then once we are uncontrollably hooked, he starts **reeling in the cash**, because we will pay any price to get this fix--even if we have to hold up the 7 Eleven or stealing cars
  3. Magna

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    Hmmm, Candle, that makes 6 polls of yours in less than a month. I'm not suggesting you tend to fixate on things (terrorists, setting up stock exchanges in every defeated country, anything remotely hinting at female, dating Hong Kong fantasy models, bizarre animated signatures, polls...) but isn't this getting a bit excessive, even for you? :confused:
  4. Candles' had this problem since a year ago...
  5. the worst part about it is the number of posts does not even reflect the true level of the addiction...After all, I don't post that often but I seem to always be logged onto this site...
  6. rs7


    Yeah Vulture.... a definite shortcoming of yours.
    You NEED to post more. We need the input of the proud, the few, and the great. After all, anyone who can overcome insurmountable obstacles and defy the overwhelming odds as you did in the FFL, we can only begin to imagine how you come back from "good as dead" trading positions. Share the knowledge!!!!

    You can't just take, take, take!

  7. yes dammit! i've been addicted! :mad:

    not cos it's that great of a site (no where near as good as when i joined a year ago)

    just because it's a convenient way to kill a few hours...

    but 'killing hours' surely isn't desirable! we've only got a precious, limited supply of them!

    ohmigosh! what a terrible realization! i can't go on wasting my life away on ET! there's things to do, people to see, WORLDS TO CONQUER!

    i'm OUTTA here.
  8. ROFL.... I agree...
  9. bobcathy1

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    Let's start an AA for Elite Trader.......
    Take it one day at a time.....
    Today I will only post 200 times.
    Tomorrow 199:D :D
  10. So far, nearly 3/4 of us are addicts :eek: :eek:
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