Poll: Are we going to see Hyperinflation?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by blox87, Sep 25, 2010.

Will there be hyperinflation in the USA?

  1. Yes (within 5 years)

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  2. Yes (I don't know when)

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  3. No there will always be inflation but not hyperinflation.

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  1. blox87

    blox87 Guest

    Interested on the community consensus about hyperinflation in the USA.

    Please state why you do or don't think hyperinflation becomes a reality.

    I'll start. Over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, need I say more? I don't know when it will happen, all I know is that when it does happen you will see a two week period where the dollar devalues more rapidly than it ever has . That marks the beginning and that is when you will wish you held physical gold/silver. The metals' ETFs will collapse on themselves due to promising too many people while holding too little product just like a classic bank run.
  2. blox87

    blox87 Guest

    Don't think it can happen to US?

    Avg life of fiat not backed by anything = 40 years. US came off gold standard in 1971 it is now 2010. Do the math.

    Read your history, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    1. Diocletian and his edicts

    1. John Law 1719
    2. French Revolution 1789-1795

    U.S. Civil War
    1. Confederate States
    of America 1861-1865

    World War I
    1. Germany 1920-1923
    2. Russia 1921-1924
    3. Austria 1921-1922
    4. Poland 1922-1924
    5. Hungary 1922-1924

    World War II
    1. Greece 1943-1944
    2. Hungary 1945-1946

    East Asia
    1. Japan 1945
    2. Shanghai 1949-1950

    Latin America
    1. Argentina (Austral Plan 1985)
    2. Brazil (Brazil 1980-1994)
    3. Chile (Allende's inflation)
    4. Bolivia (Bolivian hyperinflation)
    5. Peru (Alan Garcia's inflation)

    Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
    Russia 1989-1994
    Yugoslavia 1993-94

    Middle East
    The CIA-Induced Inflation
    in the Kurdish Area of Iraq,

    Zaire 1976-1993
  3. businessstaxes

    businessstaxes Guest

    gold is just gold

    gold is not cash.

    cash is cash.

    cash is the new gold and silver..cash has replaced gold and silver as payment for goods and services for international trade..the country with the strongest currency is the country with the strongest economy.

  4. hyperinflation is regarded as a monthly increase in prices of 100's of percent.

    the money supply has not increased anywhere near what you'd need for that. so no, there won't be any hyperinflation in the US.
  5. No, because in order for it to happen you'd need a lot more than even the usual decline and fall scenario the usual intellectual lightweights have been pushing since the end of WWII, when it was the USSR that was supposed to bury us (followed by the Arabs, the Japanese, and now the Chinese).
    Assuming the Chinese are successful where the others have failed, the most likely scenario is what happened to the UK: the currency undergoes a long but slow decline as an international reserve currency in parallel with the US fall in international power, but no hyperinflation.
  6. Eight


    Two hundred Trillion Dollars in unfunded liabilities spells disaster for the USA... both major parties are Marxist in nature and half the voters can't do math at all so yeah, hyperinflation has to ensue...