Poll: Are most traders single or married?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadreader, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. I'm curious as to whether the majority of traders are single, married, divorced, or otherwise have partners with whom they live.

    I'm wondering whether trading, as a lifestyle, is more conducive to single (non-partnered) people, or people who are in 'commited relationships' ... whatever that means :)
  2. Topper
  3. That's a chit chat type of thing again.
  4. I tried posting it in other sections, but this is the only place the poll would actually post.
  5. I'm single but don't want to stay this way... where do I answer?

  6. Er, no. It's a "trading" thing. "Are most traders single or married"? "How does trading effect marriage/relationships". Totally trading related.

    (ps -- don't like the thread heading? SKIP IT.)
  7. You're right, I blew it ... It was hard thinking of all the possibilities and I missed a very very obvious one!
  8. How about, "I was married, then I started trading...."
  9. Geez, I missed some really good ones!
  10. Choice # 4 made me spit soda out all over my monitors...ROFL
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