Poll: Are most Democrats supid?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steelers Baby, Jan 13, 2010.

Are most Democrats stupid?

  1. Yes, Democrats seem to have a mental flaw in their thinking.

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  2. No, while the dems on this site are mentally challenged for the most part it does not represent most

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  1. I will be honest on this one, I have chosen not to associate myself with a lot of Democrats in real life. That said, are all democrats as stupid as the ones who frequent this site? I have never been exposed a bigger group of morons then the Democrats who frequent this site, such as ThunderGayfly1, or Optional777, or Kupkake2k2, or DSQ. Is this a trend which tends to exist with all dems in society?

    What causes democrats to have a tougher time fitting in to society than their republican counter parts?
  2. How about DSQ? He is the biggest idiot of them all.
  3. You are right I have fixed my post accordingly, he is one of the more vile Dems on this site, and that is saying alot.
  4. I intentionally left out a "t" in stupid to prove my point, give it 2 minutes till some left wing arsehole attacks my use of the english language.

    This kind of stuff is exactly the kind of garbage I am talking about, when most Dems have no argument they resort to rudimentary arguments such as correcting someones spelling.

    I just do not get where their lives went wrong, and when they became complete assholes who jump around like a band of hyenas trying to cheerlead failed policy, and attack conservatives, based on nothing.
  5. Optional777 seems to be trying to lead the "Stupidity charge" among liberals.
  6. He's the pied piper of the liberal idiots.

    Amazing how the inner cities that claim to have the "intellegent" left always have the highest crime, worst schools, highest taxes and are perpetually close to failure.

    Truly amazing.

  7. I think you should give up in defeat.
  8. Your original quote said "you really expect us to believe that"

    Yeah you sure burned me asshole, i thought that "stupid" was spelled "supid" and the "T" just did not belong there, must have been a silent "T". LOL you libtards never cease to amaze me with your stupidity.
  9. Kennedy must be rolling in his grave watching the stupidity his generation of Liberals produced.

    EDIT: note the fact that I have somehow figured out that there is a "T" in stupid.
  10. 74% believe Liberals have a flaw in their thinking.
    #10     Jan 13, 2010