Poll: Are Far Right ideologues brilliantly deep thinkers or pathologically delusional

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Are Far Right ideologues brilliantly deep thinkers or pathologically delusional?

  1. Brilliantly deep thinkers

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  2. Pathologically delusional

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  1. Behind any pathological delusion there is one or more pathological lies. To find the pathological liars, one could search for who benefits from the pathological delusions. A similar analysis applies to "deep" thoughts. So behind both categories, there are pathological liars, who use the pathological delusions, and "deep" thoughts groupings as vehicles to achieve their objectives.
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  2. Good grief, now it is time for one of your stupid "I hate the far right" threads. Next up is is one of your idiotic polls. Aren't you capable of coming up with a topic that will spur serious debate? I can't believe people waste their time on this tripe. Bored, I suppose.
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  3. Brass


    This IS a poll. As for serious debates, you couldn't identify one in a lineup, so what would be the point? I have gone down that rabbit hole too many times over the years at ET to take it seriously any longer given the general vacuity of response. There was a time I remember when the debates were legitimate. That time has passed. The other side of most reasoned arguments is now just too fringed out to be worth the bother aside from occasionally poking a stick at stupid.
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  4. Ricter


    Replying to two of your posts here:

    Is it true that any and every tax cut would necessarily cause economic growth (and so an increase in overall tax revenue)?

    Why are greenhouses (no joking answer this time, please) warmer inside than outside? Why are double-paned greenhouses warmer than single-paned greenhouses?
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  5. As usual you said nothing, absolutely nothing of substance outside of the usual insults and antiquated reasoning outside of your pet, narrow topics. Face the facts, the world is rapidly changing, leaving you behind as a relic.
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  6. Warming precedes CO2 increase most of the time in the past. This is due to orbital variations.

    But, and this is the big but that jem and others seem unable to acknowledge, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so if CO2 goes up like it has been, so will temperatures. Why the deniers cannot see this is beyond me.

    But they can't even grasp evolution which is an even better established, proved and agreed on by virtually all biologists. One truly has to be major idiot not to believe in evolution, thus it's not surprising they would not get GW either.
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  7. Brass


    And yet, here you are, getting poked with a stick.
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  8. As you resort to one-liners when nothing else will work, running out of what little logic you possess to begin with.
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  9. Brass


    There's a reason you're still posting:
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  10. More one-liners. what else ya' got?

    It is the same old worn out crapola, for a certainty.
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