Poll: Aphexcoil - In or OUT

Discussion in 'Politics' started by max401, Sep 22, 2002.

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  1. Cast your vote.
  2. I would have voted for leaving if the poll was on yesterday but Aphie posts for the past 2 days are too damn funny.

    Aphie, I support you. Keep up the good work!!! Also, everyone who posts about him, keep up the good work, too.

    The Aphie collage just made my weekend.
  3. Alright. We have a vote for Alphie as Elite Court Jester.
  4. I'm with WDGann... For awhile I found his posts very annoying, but recently I see his presence in a whole new light!
    Personally I enjoy his presence now; for it is just tooo comical not to be amused.

    I vote he stays!

    and before you come on here with guns cocked and blazing Aphie I a being sincere :)

  5. Another vote for Aphie as Elite Court Jester!
  6. Commissio,

    You've touched my heart so much that I think I'm going to take you off ignore and give you a ninth chance.
  7. I think to be fair, Aphie, as an admitted drug abuser, you should reveal if your high when you make a particular post.
  8. Max,

    You may be wise to carefully understand there is a fine line between facts and spreading libel. Calling someone a "drug abuser" when they are not is outright libel.

    Baron, I demand that this thread be closed at once because I will not have libel spread about me. Thank you.
  9. 1. I understand the "fine line" completely. Possible libel? To whom? An anonymous entity named "aphexcoil?" Consult your attorney for the viability for this cause of action.

    2. Did you or did you not make a statement indicative of your abuse of drugs?

    3. Why close this thread? You're ahead in the poll; they seem to find you "amusing."
  10. 1. You don't have to tell me about law -- trust me. Libel means you are posting degrading remarks about my character. If you really thing I'm an asshole, you don't need to do that -- others can decide for themselves.

    2. Yes, I have tried DXM. It was very powerful and overwhelming. I then quit while I was ahead and continued to linger on the third-plateau because other's there had some similar interests / problems.

    3. Because this is third grade non-sense. I don't care how many people want me to stay or leave. The poll isn't going to influence my decisions. Being the great detective you are, you would have realized there was already another poll started by Pabst. However, you apparently are the one seeking attention at my expense -- and anyone can see through that. If I wanted the attention, I'd go sing karaoke.

    As a gentleman to a gentleman (if you are really a reasonable person), I am asking you nicely now to please stop. Not only are you hurting me, but you are polluting this board with garbage posts.
    #10     Sep 22, 2002
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