POLL: After we take Baghdad, what shall we rename it?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Please vote on one of the above options, or add your own ideas...
  2. I voted for 3... I am strongly in favor of a Palestinian State... We should establish the Palestinian State in Iraq and use Baghdad as their primary housing point... this way we have not only solved the problem of Saddam but have also come up with a permanent solution for those poor Palestinian schmucks...

    P.S. we should move the existing residents out of Baghdad and create new towns for em around Basra...

    P.P.S. We should also establish an independent homeland for the Kurds in north Iraq... we should give em a new leader to achieve this... with our own guys running Kurdistan, we get to keep the Kurdish oil (currently the biggest oil reserves in Iraq) without the oil having anything to do with Iraq :D
  3. Fruity we need your "cool link" again. thanks.
  4. Get lost you unpatriotic son of a bitch...
  5. So far, option 3 has 100% of the vote... :p


    Anyways, the USA is highly likely to very soon get a taste of its own evil medicine... and the civilized world will tell the USA that it got precisely what it deserved... hahah!!! ROFL!!

    The USA remains an object of hate for the world... and yet we continue create more reasons for people to hate us...

  7. Me and Brother Aphexcoil changed our minds and decided to support the war... godammit, its a democracy (unlike Iraq)!!!
  8. Candletwit, I think that lomgShot is right on the mark, you ARE
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  10. Option 3 is still in the lead!!!
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