Poll about proportion of bears and bulls in stock mkt

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Spark, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. Spark


    I just want to have a feel about what proportion of people trading in US stocks have bullish or bearish nature. Please vote in the posted poll. thanks.
  2. A BullishBear in a Bear Market & A BearishBull in a Bull Market

    My question for you is: What's that make me now ?
  3. Can't believe I'm the only "always bullish" one! :D
    I'm up handsomely, thank God, during the bear market and have only been playing the long side... Hope that means I'll be up even more when the environment turns for the better :)
  4. Aaron


    Markets have gone up in the long run and you have to have high confidence in your prediction to go bearish for long periods.
  5. anima


    Hey, great poll. I've always wondered what people's rationale was for stubbornly maintaining one position while the tape was clearly against them.

    I'm neither bullish nor bearish. Saying your one and not the other is like saying. I like the day, but not the night. I like light, but not dark. I like cold, but not hot. I like slow but not fast.

    Of course that would be dumb... different situations require different modes. If you plan to sleep, night and dark are good. If your eating ice cream, cold is good. If your flying an airplane, fast is good. If your having sex...

    Well, thats my philosophy anyway.