Poll: 76 percent say U.S. ready for black president

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    "The poll also indicates more whites than blacks think the country is ready for a black president. Of the white Americans surveyed, 78 percent said the country is ready, as opposed to 69 percent of African-Americans polled. Both numbers are up substantially from December 2006."
  2. We are preparing ourselves for the inevitable.
  3. Do you really believe these numbers?

    78% Whites vs 69% Blacks?

    Don't forget CNN is the leader of liars.

    I simply don't believe percentage of blacks are lower.

  4. Let me give you an educated guess for this poll among white and black Americans.

    Of the white Americans surveyed, 49 percent said the country is ready, as opposed to 94 percent of African-Americans polled.

    12 percent of African-Americans didn't understand the poll and randomly chose the answer.

    Again, don't forget CNN is the leader of liars.
  5. CNN is preparing a base for its propaganda when Obama get defeated, of course using distorted or completely fake poll results.

    You see, Obama didn't get elected because Blacks are opposing him. Don't blame whitey. That is real intention of this poll.

  6. I am ready for a Black or female or white male president, even if unqualified to lead this country.

    Because race or gender matters most, qualifications are unnecessary. Ignore the issues, the future, the vision thing.
  7. What qualifications are you talking about?

    Even the current president has met all the qualifications, who can not?

  8. Win or lose, I predict huge rioting from celebration or disappointment.
  9. Sorry, but don't you mean "white gay male"?

    And you forgot that they had to be for change and hope and a new direction and fighting for the people and restoring our international image.

  10. I guess I'm still not PC enough after all these years of walking on eggshells and glass shards.

    Change, hope, direction, image. We don't know what the hell it is, but it sure does feel good.
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