Politifact continues to disgrace themselves.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Nikki Haley makes a statement that is 100% accurate, and Politifact says its only a half truth cause Obama may not have known about it.

    Nikki Haley's Statement: "President Obama and his National Labor Relations Board" sued Boeing over its decision to open a plant in South Carolina.

    Now here we have Obama, the pro union guy who started out his presidency by screwing over the bond holders, in GM, so that the UAW wouldnt have to make concessions, all on our dime of course, and when the NLRB (which is made of of his appointees) sues boeing because it wanted to open a plant where it wouldnt be unionised, supposedly Obama shouldnt have to have any culpabilityin this because he may not have known what was going on.... Trumka (AFL-CIO) and Andy Stern (former president of SEIU) openly admit that they visit with the white house 2-3 times per week, and yet Obama supposedly had no clue that this was happenign according to politifact.....

    It really is amazing watching how badly politifact is willing to embarass themselves in defense of Obama. They mark 100% accurate stories like this as half truths all the time, but only when its an attack on Obama.

  2. Anybody that thinks that an unbiased political referee exists anywhere is a buffoon (brass , free filtcher come to mind).
  3. Lucrum


    First Snopes and now Politifact.

    What the hell is the poor bastard who just wants the truth supposed to do these days?
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    Wikipedia...oh wait, nevermind.
  5. everyone wants the truth... but no one wants to be honest

    Fer example:


    Retarded = special needs

    Special needs... needs help putting on his socks.

    Retarded... doen'st know left foot from right foot