Politics & Religion will be the DEATH of us

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  1. saxon


    Not speaking of this forum, per se. BUT...

    This forum is the perfect example of what might well bring down the human race. Namely...

    US vs THEM.

    The conversation about the survival of the species (that IS the subject at hand) should absolutely and obviously NOT be about partisan politics. We are all on the same team after all!! All homo sapiens sapiens...like it or not.

    Yet, that is most of the undercurrent of the dialogues here;

    Us vs. Them.

    You vs. Me.

    Chargers vs. Bears. :D

    Frankly, the only poster here who consistently asks the truly important questions is NITRO...and he gets ridiculed for it.

    The rest is simple cheerleading.

    (PS. Bears are on the move.)
  2. FutTrd


    Dude you are so right, you don't even know how right you are

    okay, that didn't make sense, I'll start again.

    I have a confession to make, I am star trek whacko, and if you think about it

    if human race is ever to go into space and colonize planets and spread, we will need to do it as humans, not Americans, not Iranians, not Chinese

    can you honestly tell me you see the future where americans fly in star trek like ships

    and africans are still mashing their corn.

    if you think that, you couldn't be more wrong in my opinion.

    and yes Nitro is one of the smarter mothas to hit the ET.

    now those that are wise, should read the following carefully
    what we need, is outside threat, from outer space, to unite the entire human race and install world government, we will focus on one goal, survival.

    muslims and jews will be friends once they are made to believe that outer space mother fuker is coming to do their religious little heads in

    THAT is my deepest knowledge.

    CNN should run headline, demons from space. Suddenly your muslim neighbor looks a whole lot friendlier AND YOU TO HIM

    hell even their kids are cute suddenly if they can carry a gun, and be marched into battle.
  3. neophyte321

    neophyte321 Guest

    Death of who?

    Are you suggesting that "Us vs. Them" is a new concept?

    The sentiment is perhaps more apparent because suddenly billions of people have the ability to scream back-and-forth at each other at the speed of light.

    The only thing that will lead to the "Death of Us", is if rogue states are armed and willing to us a massive stock piles of nuclear armaments. Beyond that, society will simply devolve into one filled with beige-skinned, souless, godless, cyborgs ...

    What you're calling for is consensus merely to avoid conflict, a fate worst than death. "Oh yes, I agree, I certainly wouldn't want to disagree!"

    Chargers vs. Bears ... You must be one-of-those "Outcome Based" kumbaya types ... BLAH!

  4. Do you live in your parents basement?