Politics of unemployment

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  1. I haven't looked around the net yet but just wondering if continued unemployment - benefits one politcal party over the other.

    Reluctantly you collect your ue benes etc, discouraged because you cannot find a job perhaps you might change your way of thinking to vote for the political party who is going to continue subsidizing you.

    People who give up looking for a job which is a number from the bls is valid but will these people change party affliation?

    Any thoughts?
  2. 1) Political Science-101: Incumbents benefit from prosperity. Incumbents get punished for recession. :p
    2) The "majority/incumbent" party at the time would tend to suffer. Unemployed people tend to blame the incumbents for their circumstances, vote them out and take a chance on the other party, the "challenger". :cool:
    3) Obama benefited from that "logic/sentiment" in 2008. He'll likely be voted out for the same reason in 2012. We'll see. :eek: :D
  3. People will almost always "vote their wallet". Therefore, whichever party is giving you money, that's who gets your vote.

    All immoral, of course... but that's how it works.
  4. People always want change when there is a recession. So the existing power changes. Also politics is overtaken by revolution when it gets too bad.

    Nutmeg check your pms.
  5. Nah, republican brains are defective. The only reason the really rich vote republican is it's much easier to control the defective people than the normal ones who can reason.
  6. TGregg


    I suspect there has been no study since the results would be obvious and politically incorrect.
  7. Bread and circuses.

    Watch the NFL lockout kerfuffle. It will be resolved quickly; either covertly nudged in a smoky backroom as a "favor", or with the heavy hammer of the Justice Department threatening with antitrust lawsuits.

    Gotta give the masses their Fantasy Football Leagues to keep them from noticing the gov't antics.