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  1. President Bush signed into law on Oct 17 a second bill that was ignored because of the more-publicized detainee bill. This one was more important though, because it allows him to call a state of emergency which lets him call up the national guard and instate martial law without the agreement of any governor. Public Law 109-364 in Section 1076 says that Title 10 Section 333 is amended to effectively revoke Posse Comitatus. If Bush postponed the election or the results, he could jail any protesters easily. This law's retention should be on the ballot Nov. 7.

    Anyways, the economic impact of the Empire growing larger and larger?
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    This is very serious, and appears to be part of a the continuing effort of the present administration to concentrate power in the executive branch of government, while using fear as a tactic for manipulating public opinion. There are some similarities to Hitler's power grab in Germany. People think that that kind of thing can't happen in the US. But, indeed, it can, we have already witnessed the outcome of a recent presidential election being determined by the Supreme Court rather than democratic process. And there are endless recent examples that may be cited where the balance of power between the legislative and executive branch intended by the framers of the constitution have been successfully circumvented by the executive branch. This can not lead to anything good.
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    that is the biggest piece of shit I have ever read. How dare any libs whine about this, because for 1 year we have heard nothing but bitching about how bush didnt get the troops into New Orleans in time. What those retards failed to realize is that blanco, the moron that she is, failed to call for the national gaurd. So dont give me this he's reaching for more power shit, this is exactly what all the libs asked for.