Politico: George W. Bush Approval Rating Higher Than Obama's.

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    Someone on Obama's team needs to have them do a poll on Obama vs Carter. It would be close, but he might be able to squeak out a winner. That's his only chance. :D
  3. Carter ranked higher then Obama and Bush in the poll
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    Carter is the only one to lose ground..


    Jimmy Carter Loses More Ground

    Carter's retrospective approval rating peaked at 69% in 1999, dropped to 61% in 2006, and is now 52%. While he has maintained fairly high approval from Democrats (80% in 2006 vs. 77% today), he has lost support among Republicans (from 42% to 34%) and independents (from 57% to 47%). These changes may reflect Carter's outspoken criticism of then-President George W. Bush over the Iraq war, at one time calling Bush's presidency "the worst in history" on international matters. Whatever the reason for the decline, Carter remains better regarded today, overall, than he was in the early '90s

  5. IMO Carter and Nixon deserve to ranked higher then Bush Jr.

    The only president I would definitively rank below Bush Jr is Buchanan.
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    when was Buchanan president again?
  7. Carter and Nixon deserve to ranked higher then Bush Jr

    Every President other then Buchanan ranks above Bush Jr .Buchanan was president from 1857-1861
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    I think you will see GWB's favorable ratings increase over time, especially the next two years. :D
  9. Kennedy and Clinton both did horrible jobs.
  10. Kennedy doesn't really belong on the list. He get's the assassinated president sympathy vote which skews the numbers. Replace him with Ike for best overall, followed by Clinton, Nixon, and, gag, Reagan. The rest were so horribly incompentent they are not deserving of a vote. Obama, yet to be determined, but considering he's dealing with a group of financial terrorists the likes of which we have never seen, along with more phoney patriots than ever before, he's doing OK.
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