Politicians are a reflection

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jonbig04, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Lately I have been thinking. Its my opinion that the cause of our country's mess isn't democrats or republicans, or regulation or deregulation. The cause is the incompetence of our politicians.

    If you go outside and ask 100 people what they think about he major issues I think a lot won't know what the major issues are and when they do they won't be familiar enough with them to have an actual intelligent opinion. They may have one area of expertise depending on their job, but thats about it. The best you can hope for is regurgitated talking points from whatever bias news resource they drink from every night. The funny thing is they know that they don't know. They are perfectly aware of their ignorance. They think that our politicians are smart. They will handle it. There are plenty of smart people out there right? Well I think the last few years have made it painfully obvious that our leaders aren't necessarily intelligent, well rounded, problem solving people...they are simply a reflection on society in general. Our elected representatives are incompetent because society as a whole is ignorant, thus incompetent. Unless we change out thinking as a nation I don't think we will ever have the leaders we need.