Political IQ Test: Will Obama Be Re-Elected?

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Chances Obama To Be Re-Elected?

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  1. 0%

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  2. 20%

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  3. 40%

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  4. 60%

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  5. 80%

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  6. 100%

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  1. put down your opinion and we will revisit the thread in 2 years.
  2. Yes
  3. not many people are willing to go on the record. i hear that Romney is a good candidate...

    i give Obama 80-100% chance to win
  4. Interesting poll.
    I'm the 60% guy; I'd really give him 50/50 because at this point we're deciding whether he's going to make a big comeback after the first two years of not much on the economy, or just continue limping along.
    I pointed this out somewhere earlier: Reagan was the last guy to inherit an economy this awful. Obama's economic record to this point is way better, but that's not really saying much; it's certainly not enough to get him re-elected. These next two years have to be much better for him to win another four years.
    His big mistake was not grabbing the opportunity he had in the first month to break up the big banks for good. A big, bold move like that was what everyone was counting on and looking for. He didn't make it, and we now know that it's simply not in his nature to make those kinds of big, bold moves.
    Without that, what he's counting on now is for the economy to improve and for his signature program, the health care bill, to provide enough benefit to get him some support. Unfortunately, with the Reps now in charge in the Congress, funding it is going to be next to impossible.
    The Reps are in charge only because he didn't seize the initiative when he had it.
    One thing leads to another, and he didn't think far enough ahead in his strategy to understand that he could have put the Reps under for all of his four years by making the bold move right at the start. He is now a hostage to circumstances that are really beyond his control.
  5. For republicunts Michelle Bachman is a serious candidate.
  6. The best thing that can happen is for the "liberal" media to pound Sarah Palin as hard as possible for as long as possible, telling everyone that an ignorant tramp like her would never stand a chance at being elected. They should emphasize that only idiots would vote for her.

    Of course, the mainstream republicans will shun her in a bid for the presidency, so what will she do?

    Her base will love her no matter what. She is like the mentally disabled child that the parents dote over and are so proud of when she can actually answer a question without dribbling or looking at her crib notes hand. In their eyes, Sarah can do no wrong, Sarah is a victim, Sarah is a true patriot, yada, yada, yada.

    These miscreant brain imparied Palin supporters will give the election to Obama is she decides to go truly go "rogue" and run as a third party candidate. If there is enough money and ego gratification in it for her. she runs...
  7. Hello


    This is wrong on so many levels, there isnt a hope in hell that she will run(not in 2012 anyways), and if the MSM continues to focus all their energy on her she will have served her purpose absorbing all the vitriol from the left while enriching herself in the process, and taking the heat off the legitimate contenders.

    She will also be able to send alot of voters someones way, and will help to steer the elections. She has already proven she is self serving by dropping out of running the alaskan congress, i highly doubt she will flush it all away by running third party and pissing off half her fan base. She will continue to toy with the notion to piss people like you off, and drive up free media, but will never run.

  8. Sticking with my pick,he's getting re elected
  9. Take a good hard look at intrade.com presidential elections in 2012.

    The problem for the republicans right now (and things can change very quickly, just ask Hillary) is that the republicans have no real winning candidates...

    Can one candidate unite the fractured republican party as a presidential candidate?

    Doubtful, IMO, simply because the tea banger wackos are so extreme in their thinking they will feel betrayed with anything but a flame throwing right wing extremist.

    The power in the GOP remains old line, same folks who put up that doddering fool McCain...the tea baggers don't have the real power in the GOP.

    This is not a congressional election...it is a presidential election.
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