Political Ideology VS the Market

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  1. Confidence in truth.

    1. I think that a sacred premise is that the smartest people are in the Market. ALWAYS
    2. The Market respect the Will of the People... it's based on it.
    3. The Market knows nothing of the Political world ( or said it like this : everything is buyable, the cheapest is the integrity of corrupts politicians ).
    4. The only power that can regulate the Market, is the Market itself, trough the integrity of mens and womens working in it ( and there is the almighty loss of a customer, that's the greatest pressure of all ).

    A day will come when the will of the biggest players of the market will contradict the view of the politcal worlds... You know the gov is an essential war player in todays world. Some in it, think like Observer67 that destruction is necessary. Those saying this have no experience in farming. You can burn your ground to enrich it... but don't do it with napalm because then it's over. So it's called cutting the bad leafes... however everyfarmers knows it, plants are the fruits of millions of years of life learning... they already know the way, the farmer has just to put the seed in optimal condition and watch the miracle of life. However if he puts napalm or roundup on his field, it will take a long time to grow again...

    But this lowlife people ( admin, military, gov ) don't realize that the market will always overplay them, always see before them, and exploit their blindness to the last marginal unit ( they are too proud of themselves to admit it). Even with the trillions that the intelligence agencies take from the market, they will never have the global integration that market participants receive from the heart of fellow men. You know to be on both side of a war is routine for the market, the market is always neutral.

    So here come my question, as all the Gov are realizing their weakness facing the market. They know that their stupidity games can't continue with the scrutiny of the Market. Because the Market is a truth revelator. So the gov, as it always do, will try to destruct what stand in his way...

    However you can't destroy what's overplay you... Welcome to the financial wars.

    The Market knows only a thing, it's the perceived value by it's customers that rules the world.

    So here comes my remarks. I am deeply disappointed by the last 10 years of the Market. I mean, we were deeply attack on 911, WTC, the heart of the financial world was touched. Those who have done that are the real ennemies of the Market. Not some peons in somalia, yemen or nigeria.

    No no no... Reducing the speed of people ( airport security ), money ( law ), idea ( MSM ) will kill the West... We have prospered hundreds of years with the ideal of Freedom, bill of rights and the Consitution... Since 911 the political world is trashing these values as fast as locusts are eating corn fields...

    It's maybe time for the Market to find new allies...

    For me DC as betrayed us. I hope that President Barack Obama and all his G20 partners will understand that trust is the most important thing for a market economy. Trust can only come from confidence, stability and rules of law. However, the market too gives his trust to the gov, abusing the market is a path full of dangers for the gov...why ? because the market isn't elected and will always remember...
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    your problem is that you think you know something, and you don't

    first thing you need to understand in the Western World, is that money system is made for ordinary people which includes rich and poor.

    But a small group of people live ABOVE the money system. They are private central bankers and they print money. For example Federal Reserve and bank of England.
    This is how Western World works, this is not how Eastern world works like Russia and China, India etc

    Western world is trying very hard to trick the Eastern world into accepting the system of debt.
  3. No, if I was knowing something usefull I would be flying between galaxies at this time :)...

    I clearly agree with your first point.

    I strongly disagree with your second point. None live above the system. That's were I think that you are wrong. Even the most powerfull man needs to sleep, eat, drink... if the world around him is in such in a deep suffering, he will suffer the consequences of it or his children. Maybe it's food will be unsafe, or is golf country club attacked by bandits. His entertainement will be less appealing if the participants around him are suffering economically.

    What I want to say is that even the highest leaders are paying the price of suffering around them...

    I don't know what you mean with Russia, China or India, but I know that farmer sucide themselves in India because they can't repay their debt on feritilizers.

    I think that the Eastern world don't need the push of the West to fall in the trap of debt... ahahah As if people were differents in the East or West...
  4. let's see with a another exemple : OPEC... it's a political institution that decided to fight the Market... let see how well are the members :

    Algeria ( BOOM )
    Angola ( BOOM )
    Ecuador ( BOOM )
    Iran ( Many booms, will boom again soon, if they don't change)
    Iraq ( many booms... strange that they didn't exit this cartel... a strong proof or Iranian influence
    Kuwait ( boom :D )
    Libyan ( boom dictator )
    Nigeria ( boom in the river )
    Qatar ( still standing, but dubai will pay the price )
    Saudi Arabia ( in booming with the help of yemen and OBL )
    United Arab Emirates ( it isn't the same as qatar ? )
    Venezuela boom again...

    lol... So these states are the ennemy of the West... and the East ( there isn't a single Asian states in Opec... )... How could they have been corrupt enough to risk the well being of their population for change money... Greed and lust... If you have it in the heart of the ennemy... it's game over for them even before the game begins...

    So I must say to this boss of the OPEC... that what you earn cost you billions time more than what it earns.

    If only they coud act like Norway... their people could be productive and creative in the global market place of today...