Political Correctness Gone Insane

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    She got into a little trouble for saying something a few months ago, too. I think someone has a grudge and has it out for her.

    I see she has now been fired by the food network.

    There's more to this story that we don't know.
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    The speech police are running wild.
  4. but I beg you … for your forgiveness,"

    This shit cracks me up. Squirming like a dog,..People beggin forgiveness in public, on the air, and you know what...? No one forgives them..Everyone is just plain glad it didn't happen to them..

    Oth, she did say the best jokes were about jews, black people and I forgot the other group.
  5. Political Correctness Gone Insane

    The gov of Texas just passed a law:

    making it legal to say "Merry Christmas" in school and public buildings.
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    Anthony Bourdain
  7. The on air begging by her was some funny stuff. Insincere as hell and funny. I don't know why anyone cares about her lying money grubbing ass. Remember when she went public about having diabetes and started hawking prescription drugs and coming out with healthy receipts after being the heart attack cook queen for years.
  8. Yeah, I couldn't give a damn about her either. IMO, Bourdain won the war.
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    Seriously? In Texas? Wow! If Texas is going to allow something like that, the lights are already out in America.
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    How would making it legal to say "Christmas" in an otherwise Godless society mark this country's death blow?
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