Political beliefs distort economy/market analysis?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. WITHOUT getting into politics.

    Loving or hating political parties/presidents distorts a clear view of the economy so our stock market bets are biased?
  2. maxpi


    I really have suspected this for a long time. I started to view many, many posts in the trading and economics sections as either political attacks or as being from people that are subscribing to ideas that are formed out of politics. The trend of posts seems to follow the public opinion polls regarding the economy... and it looks to me that the public is way off base in their estimations.

    I don't base any decisions on public opinion, why would I do that? I'm not a politician.
  3. I may post my thoughts later but I agree with that statement.
  4. rock1968


    I definitely agree with you. I wouldn't use the word biased rather influenced might be a little better.. Biased is knowingly saying something wrong, influenced means circumstances have changed your opinion. So yeah I think political parties do influence our stock markets.
  5. opm8


    Even outside of politics I think the first hurdle "the public" can not get over is their long-only bias. Some people actually think shorting is immoral (religion!) so taken as a whole the public is already not market-neutral right out of the gate. But yeah, I agree with the previous posters.