Political acrimony

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, May 28, 2006.

  1. Ricter


    Much truth in this quote:

    "Politics in a democracy is the art of making hard choices. And all political choices are difficult. If they weren't, they wouldn't rise to the level of the political. No one has to drum up a hard-won majority to condemn terrorism or to memorialize its victims - at least not if it doesn't cost anything.

    But Americans regard politics as curiously shameful and like to be told that the choices are not hard - or ought not to be. Hence the acrimony and bitterness which have crept into our political life. Because we pretend that the choices are easy, we feel entitled, when out of power, to criticize the people making those choices as morons, incompetents - or something more sinister - for making the wrong decisions."

    James Bowman, The New York Sun, 26 May 06.
  2. g222


    Much truth indeed. And have you noticed - those offering the most vigerous critical rhetoric also offer the fewest alternative solutions??
  3. On the other side the sole fact that a group of people have to make tough decisions and hard choices does not quarantee that they are not incompetent morons either, they may still be. And if virtually every one of their decisions turns out to be wrong the chances that they actually are increase exponentially.